1. Triathlons

Triathlons incorporate open water racing at the start and distances vary between different events or maybe setup for different skill levels. A triathlon is a great way to challenge yourself across many sports, and test your ability to conserve your energy and endurance. If you’ve been training in open water, then triathlons with an open water portion are a logical transition.

  1. Relay Swims

Open water swimming relays allow for a team approach in completing an open water distance. In a stage relay the total distance is covered in phases, by different members of a team. Swimmers may complete a specified distance with the next swimmer completing the same distance in succession or swimmers transition by tagging hands or simply swimming up to the next swimmer.

  1. Marathon Swimming for Distance Junkies

Marathon swimming doesn’t have to be a specific distance to be considered as such, but distances 5K and higher are generally considered marathon length. For those not concerned with the challenge of variable water temperatures, choppy waves and other hazards, ultra-distance swimming should meet the need.