1. Contact Nexus Timing

Bringing world-class technology and services comes standard when you call on us. Depending on size and scope of the event, planning should be started 3 months to a year prior. We will work with you to determine the scale and requirements needed and aid in sourcing suppliers, if needed. There are many factors to consider for putting on a successful event, we can assist in determining the best options based on time of year, location, and resources available.

  1. Things to consider

Will you sanction your race with USATF or RRCA?

Sanctioning provides liability insurance for your event and informs your participants that you are directing a safe, high quality event.

Is the course certified with USATF or RRCA?

You can find maps of certified courses or have a new course certified for your specific event.

You can visit the following websites for course certification information:


  1. Obtain other local permits (parks, police, street closures, etc)

Please contact us to assist for this step – we can help coordinate or provide you guidance on who to contact and what forms you need to complete or at least provide you a place to start.

  1. Get you and your team ready for an exciting event

There are many things to do to make a successful event. Luckily, people enjoy the thrill of meeting challenges and being successful. So a positive and happy approach is easy when you and your team realize the impact your efforts have with your participants. It’s a great feeling to see the smiles of those having fun and meeting challenges, knowing you had a hand in providing a great experience.