If it CAN be timed – we CAN make it happen.

Nexus Timing is the only company in the Northeast Oklahoma area harnessing the patented Jaguar innovative timing systems and Its Your Race event management platform. These fully integrated systems provide the tools for Nexus Timing to help take your race to the next level.

The Jaguar timing system can time races with accuracy and reliability that exceeds other chip timing systems in the world! By matching Nexus Timing with Jaguar for your event — the results are unbeatable!!

For most races a reliable, disposable chip(tags) is placed on the race bibs. We can also use other chips as needed, helmet chips, ankle chips, bike and vehicle chips, etc. 

The antennas are normally mounted overhead on the truss for most types of events. The versatility and scalability of our equipment allows for various configurations when needed, i.e., on the sides or mats.

Setting up the system we use rigid trussing (arch) for better stability than inflatables. Ideally, we position our Timing Control trailer at the finish line. However, we can also setup tents and tables when practical.

The advantages to using chip timing at a race include accuracy with very little room for human error and less manual work. When using a RFID timing system on a properly measured and certified course, it is the most reliable and fair means of measurement, without lasers and cameras. Why not just use GPS watches, etc., and just record their times?

Checkout the GPS information here, https://www.gps.gov/systems/gps/performance/accuracy/ Basically there are many factors which affect the accuracy of the distance, pace and speed readings. And even if everything aligns for the best results, GPS is still only 95% accurate.

In addition to RFID timing, our 200 fps camera Photovision System with FATcap (Fully Automatic Timing) gives you high-resolution, full screen, color capabilities with laser precision. Typically, used for events like Track & Field, can also deliver advanced timing and accuracy to just about any race.

Timing is the foundation of our services. But it is only one piece of what we offer to enhance and streamline the array of needs for your event. The ItsYourRace (IYR) online registration system is specifically designed to integrate directly with our Jaguar timing system during the event. We can eliminate having to manage multiple sites and the time to export and convert data for another system or website. ItsYourRace is a comprehensive platform that simplifies and streamlines the setup, organization and management of your event. A critical factor for success that we believe is unparalleled in the timing industry. Giving you One Link to rule them all.

ItsYourRace (IYR) Features

Event management dashboard

Detailed data reports

Customizable website w/personalized URL

Online Registration Made Easy


Sponsor management

The always popular Race Results with filters for customized searches

ItsYourRace also includes a free mobile app providing participants and spectators access to everything they need to know about your race; and more.


Race Day Integration

Live online results as athletes finish

Text results straight to their phones

Create finisher certificates with individual stats and results

Upload and individually assign athlete photos that they can download and share on social media.

On-site Race Features

On-screen Scrolling Results – View minutes after a finish

Results Kiosk – Print individual results

Paperless Awards Ceremony – Paper is the backup option